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Nigerian Catholic Community Glasgow & Environs (NCCG) Questionnaire
As part of our work towards ensuring the continued success of the Nigerian Mass. We are open to ideas from the community and will take every input into account to help us improve.
1. Are you aware of the NCCG & associated groups like the CWO, CYO, etc?
2. Are you registered with the NCCG and CWO?
If No, would you like to be registered as a member of the group(s)?
3. Do you attend our bi-monthly masses on the 1st Sunday of the month at 1:00pm?
4. If you have not been attending, would you be happy to do so?
If no, could any of these be the reason?
5. If you attend our bi-monthly Nigerian Mass, what interests you more?
6. Is the mass time and location convenient?
7. Are you aware of the various activities organised by the NCCG? Do you get our communications?
8. Are you part of any Family Prayers Cluster (FPC) Groups? The FPC Groups is organised to get families living in same area to pray together.
9. Are you part of our Know Your Faith Series?
How often do you think we should organise this?
10. How satisfied are you with the overall format and services of the Nigerian Mass?
11. Will you be happy to support the activities of NCCG financially?
If Yes, what’s how will you prefer?

Thanks for submitting!

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