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Through Our Mother Mary; We Succeed!

The Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) Glasgow and Environs is for all Catholic women aged 25 and above, living in Glasgow and its environs. Join us to be the light to the world reflecting love, unity, and peace in the promotion of the Catholic faith. Our mission is to motivate members to use their God's given talent to transform the society by praying together, promoting the Catholic faith, supporting each other, doing charitable works, and living lives following the footsteps of our mother Mary.

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Meeting Dates for 2022

Join our bi-monthly meetings. Time: 3 – 5 pm
Next meeting dates: 20th Mar, 15th May,17th Jul, 18th Sep, 20th Nov  

Contact us:

Through our mother Mary, We succeed!


The Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) Glasgow and Environs would like to thank everyone for attending the October 2021 Nigerian Independence Mass and CWO's Executives Inauguration and Thanksgiving; it was a day filled with joy and gratitude.

Here are the newly elected CWO executives, who are here to serve.

Remain blessed


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